End-to-End or Turnkey Interior Design Solutions

As mentioned earlier, end-to-end or Turnkey interior design solutions is where you give out all the responsibility to one person. You hire a contractor/agency and he/she is in charge of everything. It is his/her job to get the project completed, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the project to finish once the commercials are worked out and you have stated your specifications.

Turnkey Interior Design Model - Pros:

1. No Separate fee for designer

It must be quite clear to you by now that in 'Turnkey' interior design model, everything is covered by one person. One of the biggest advantages of this model, therefore, is that the interior designer will not charge any fee separately.

Generally, in such model, a larger agency handles all or most parts of the project. One of the most known facts about the Turnkey model is that they are generally used for commercial spaces.

People who want to hire someone to design their homes will generally prefer the other model - Design + Execution.

2. Hired agency takes care of the drawings and material specifications

When it comes to the Turnkey model, all the detailed drawings are taken care of by the agency that you have hired. Before execution, all the material specifications are finalised to avoid confusion later on.

3. Pre-Fixed Rates

In this model, all the details of the scope of work are shared between the agency and client at the beginning. Rates are also pre-fixed so you get an estimate of the amount of money that you'll be spending. With the scope and pricing already being taken care off, you can just sit back and relax while the workplace/home of your dream springs to life.

4. No need of approvals at every stage

As said earlier, all the details of the project are fixed at the beginning with the client so there’s no need for approval at every stage. This leads to saving up of time as everything has already been decided so the focus then remains on execution alone.

5. One stop solution

Since everything is managed by the contractor or the agency, you get a one stop solution to all the problems. Be it lighting, furniture, or any other problem that you are facing, all you need to do is contact the person in-charge and he/she will take care of the rest.

Cons of the Turnkey Interior Design Model:

1. Lesser flexibility

Since everything has been finalised before, there are chances that this type of model could feel less flexible as compared to the other one and it might be a problem. Also, generally there is one person assigned to your project, who is not necessarily a designer. So, this too becomes a problem as there is a chain of communication between you, the person assigned and eventually to the designer. Heard of the phrase ‘Lost in translation!?’

2. Difference in taste and preferences

All the interior designers will be from the agency you hire. Hence, there are chances that the designer of the agency does not match your taste and preference. Every designer is an expert in his/her work but their way of working is different. However, with a little compromise, anything is possible. You must make it a point to understand what is it that you really want so that, explaining it to the designer is easier.

Design + Execution Interior Design Solutions:

In this model, different responsibilities are assigned to different people. You hire an interior designer and the designer then appoints separate contractors and carpenters for execution of the project, which he/she would supervise and manage.

Here are the pros and cons if you decide to opt for Design + Execution Interior Design Solutions.

We Offer them Both - Turnkey as well as Design+Execution Services

We understand that different clients have different needs & preferences. No two individuals are same and hence, they prefer different things.

With Hipcouch, irrespective of what nature of service you opt for, you can be assured of a hassle-free experience.

We will take care of everything for you. Right from getting a consultation with our expert to getting your furniture installation, to looking after the final finishes of your project, we ensure you have your ultimate looking dream home!

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