If you are searching for Interior Designer in Delhi for decorate your loving home or offices, then We, Arkin Designs provides home interiors, wpace planning & designing, turnkey interiors, modular furniture, end to end home interiors. Luxury interior and architecture by us. office add.: N-54, South City-1, Sector-40, Gurgaon, Hr-122001. Contact: 9818522772. Gets free consultation for interior designing / architecture planning and designing, we are one call away. We are the top leading designers specialized in commercial and residential buildings. An interior designer don't play with the colours, we make a conceptual theme of your space in a very systematic way.

Civil, services like plumbing and electrical, furniture, false ceiling, and finishing together makes interiors but proportionally. The only thing which makes us different that we know exactly where to keep the things in a right manner. Different interior themes we incorporate in our design like classical interiors, modern interior (straight lines), bohemian interiors etc. Get done your fully furnished home with Arkin Designs. Furniture plays an important role for interiors and we assure to our clients for the quality and designing we proposed.

Civil Work

Civil Work means repair, alteration, addition, amendment, superimposition, construction and reconstruction works of structures, buildings, seed processing plants, seed farms, roads, streets, bridges, utilities, watercourses, water supply projects, wastewater plants, water distribution and wastewater conveyance facilities, storm drainage and flood control projects involving usage of the construction and construction related materials, implements and equipment.


All paints are formulated from the same basic ingredients. These include resins, additives, solvents and pigments.

The component that causes paint to be “wet” is the solvent. This component evaporates over time as the paint dries. What’s left is the rest of the components - additives, pigments and resins.

Out of these lasting components, the pigment is what gives the paint color. Additives, on the other hand, give it different properties, like mildew resistance. Finally, resins bind the paint to the surface. They’re typically made of silicone, acrylic or epoxy.

In both the exterior and interior paint, the pigments and solvents share similarities. For outdoors, water-based or oil-based paints can be used. For interior work, however, oil-based paints are not recommended. This is because of their odor and the fact that they’re difficult to clean.

False Ceiling

False Ceiling is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling. False Ceiling features modern homes and commercial buildings. False Ceiling is quite an economical feature that is easy to install. Let’s see the installation process of False Ceiling…

Installation of False Ceiling

  • Firstly all required measurements of ceiling (length and width) and ceiling to wall (for height of false ceiling) is taken for each room where false ceiling is to be installed.

  • Material Requirement is calculated depending on size i.e. area of rooms where it needs to be installed.

  • The ceiling levelling is done with water because most of the times the slabs are not levelled. The ceiling needs to be in one level for correct installation of false ceiling.

  • After levelling procedure is complete, marking is done. Marking is done on ceiling at a distance of 4 feet each. Marking is also done in side walls at the height where the false ceiling will be suspended below the original ceiling.

  • Hooks are metal ceiling angle strip are fixed to the ceiling. These fittings become the chief support points of false ceiling.


There are various range and verities of colours & designs while talking about kitchen. It is designed according to the space we have whether its small or large. It can be L shaped kitchen , parallel kitchen , straight kitchen, U shaped kitchen & island kitchen. Now a days modular kitchens are more popular because of its simple designing, easy to install. Time saving. This area will define the other areas like living and dining area. This area holds a very important area for our home. Different types of finishes can be used for kitchens like laminate, acrylic sheets, veneer, P.U. finished shutters that provides a rich look to your kitchen.

Besides the regular enclosed kitchen layout, the other functional design option is Open Kitchen. If there is no space for kitchen, you can install a mini modular kitchen near the dining or living area.

Once you have decided a layout for your kitchen depending upon your interior space, you are ready to spruce it up as per your own choice. Almost all kitchens are built as per modern style owing to their functional requirements. However, a few kitchens are purposefully given a traditional look. Shutters and cabinets feature classic design in case of the latter. In case of open kitchens, the theme should complement that of the surroundings.

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